Tao Ceremonies: Birth, Coming of Age, Weddings, and Death

Tao Fellowship offers ceremonies to celebrate and consecrate major life events such as births, coming of age, weddings, and deaths. Although each ceremony has its own unique spiritual significance and protocol, the common goal of all Tao ceremonies is purifying the body and mind, blessing the soul and strengthening the will for spiritual completion.

All the ceremonies are performed and assisted by qualified masters.

Blessings for Newborn Babies (Jeom-Ki)

mother kissing head of newbornThis ceremony connects heaven’s energy to newborn babies as a blessing for their health and self-realization. Through this ceremony, the babies are connected to heaven’s energy, which will protect them, help them to remember their spiritual essence, and will guide them along the path of spiritual growth throughout their lives.

Giving a Spiritual Name to a Young Child (Su-Myung)

face of toddler girl next to tree trunksThis is a ceremony to receive a spiritual name for a child. The leading master offers a ritual to receive a name from Heaven and delivers it to the child. As a blessing from heaven, this name will remind the child of his/her spiritual origin and guide him/her to his/her spiritual mission and goal.

Coming-of-Age Ceremony (Sun-Nyun)

mother sitting next to teen daughterThis is a ceremony for the youths entering adulthood. Through this ceremony, the participants learn the significance of coming of age and their responsibilities as social and spiritual beings. This ceremony allows an opportunity for the participants to seek their life purpose. Brothers, sisters, and friends also participate and celebrate the event.

Spiritual Wedding (Chun-Son)

couple holding hands in front of sunsetThis ceremony is for both newly married couples and for those wishing to renew their wedding vows. An engaged couple or an already wedded couple can participate in this wedding ceremony. They vow to support each other’s spiritual growth and completion during the marriage.

Juniper Ceremony

juniper tree surrounded by red earth with clouds overheadThrough this ceremony, the participants select their own juniper tree, under which their ashes will be buried after their death. The purpose of this ceremony is to release attachment to the physical body and all the desires arising from it. Through this ceremony, participants experience spiritual purification and awakened focus on the spiritual goals of their lives.
Juniper Ceremony flyer

Funeral Ceremony (Chun-Hwa-Je)

ceremonial altar with gongThis is a funeral ceremony that guides the departed person’s soul on its path to its divine origin and offers condolences to the bereaved family. This ceremony also reminds all the participants of the meaning of life and death and the principles of living well and dying well.

Ceremony for the Deceased Ancestors (Chun-Do-Je)

Bereavement flowers and photosThis is a ceremony for the souls of an individual’s deceased ancestors. This ceremony guides the deceased ancestors’ spirits to their origin. This ceremony also teaches the participants about the spiritual significance of human life and purifies any unresolved energy associated with the deceased ancestors.

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