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Learn about Tao

Those who want to learn about the Taoism and the Tao Fellowship can visit our location on scheduled Open House dates or join our Saturday Tao Service. For more in-depth learning about Tao and experiencing the benefits of its spiritual practices, you may participate in the trainings and ceremonies at Sedona Mago Retreat Center.

We provide three ways to help you learn about Tao:

Sedona RetreatsJoining our programs is the most effective way to learn about and experience the spiritual practices of Tao Fellowship. Through the spiritual trainings and practices of Tao Fellowship, you will feel nurtured, energized, and inspired to develop the full potential of your spirituality and creativity, which in return will help you create the most significant, abundant and fulfilling life.

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Saturday Tao Service
Spiritual Retreat CentersEvery week, we have a Saturday Tao Service at 10:00 AM. Anyone who desires to learn about Tao Fellowship and experience its practice can join. The Service consists of ceremonies, lecture, and practice. Registration is required to participate in the Saturday Tao Service. You may register online, by phone: 800-875-2256, 928-204-3391 or by email: services@taofellowship.org

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Open House
taoismWe offer an Open House after Saturday Tao Service. It usually starts at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. We provide a brief tour and orientation about our principles and spiritual practices. After the orientation, participants may agree to the member statements and sign the member application to join the Fellowship. If you are interested in the Open House, please call 800-875-2256, 928-204-3391 or email services@taofellowship.org. Please speak to our staff after the Saturday Tao Service if you want to join Open House on site.

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